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Handgun License Class (Formerly Concealed Carry Classes)

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Please do not call after 5 pm the day prior to your scheduled class.  Please take care of any info you need during the week prior to your class.  All the info you need is either in the registration package I sent you or on this web site.   Thanks.

Three – THREE FREE range passes/person a $30 value.

Cost:  Saturday or Sunday classes are $55 if you shoot your gun and ammo or $60 if you shoot my .22 semi-auto pistol and ammo.

Weekday classes are $60 if you shoot your gun and ammo, or $65 if you shoot my gun and ammo.

OK Handgun License Classes will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and Weekdays at the Tulsa Gun Club, 8888 E. Mohawk Blvd North, Tulsa.  I will also teach the class per special requests, i.e. let me know when and where it would be convenient for your group.  Ask me about the ‘Group Discount’.  ($45 for TGC members). Classes are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm with an hour for lunch.   There will be a break for lunch.  Beverages, snacks, and frozen lunches are available at the club for a fee.


THREE FREE PISTOL RANGE PASSES: you will receive THREE FREE – all day- range passes/person to shoot your pistol (a $30 value).


This class is taught by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (O.S.B.I.) and Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (C.L.E.E.T.) certified instructor(s).  The course is as prescribed by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (Title 21, Oklahoma Statues, Section 1290.1 et seq.) to meet the educational requirements to qualify for an Oklahoma Handgun License.


Upon completion of this course you will be eligible to apply for a permit allowing you to carry a handgun either as “open carry” or “concealed carry” in the State of Oklahoma and all other reciprocal states within the United States.  This one day class is designed to familiarize you with the laws of the Self Defense Act and teach you handgun safety as prescribed by Oklahoma.  Successful completion of this course is achieved when the participant has accomplished all practical  exercises to the satisfaction of the instructor and has scored a minimum of 70% on a fifteen question multiple choice exam.


Each student will be required to fire two (2) courses of fire resulting in a total of fifty (50) rounds to qualify.   Reloaded 0r re-manufactured ammunition is not permitted for this course.


As developed by C.L.E.E.T., this is a eight (8) hour class.  Anyone advertising a shorter class, especially a four (4) hour class, is leaving something out.  A person needs to understand the Self Defense Act and when you can use a handgun for self-defense.  BE ADVISED – less than a full understanding of this law could expose you to a prison sentence. This training is too serious to take a short cut.


MILITARY – Current military or honorably discharged military – class cost = $40.  You are only required to attend the section on the class covering the OK Self Defense Act.  This section could be over before or after lunch.   You are not required to attend the ‘Safety Module’, take the test, or qualify at the range.  If you choose to stay for the entire class and shoot at the range, the full cost of the class will apply.


Please bring to following to all FireArmsOnTarget classes:

  1. Paper and pen and your drivers license.
  1. Bring your handgun and at least 50 rounds of ammo or you can qualify with my .22 caliber handgun and ammo for an additional $5. DO NOT BRING ANY AMMUNITION INTO THE CLASSROOM. DOING SO WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE CLASSROOM WITHOUT REFUND.
  1. Eye and Ear protection (if you don’t have them I will furnish them).
  1. A baseball type hat with a bill.
  1. Dress for the weather as the range qualification will be outside. Wear a shirt with a nigh neck collar, such as a T-shirt. I have a covered range and a wood stove.  So we can keep out of the rain and stay warm.
  1. Beverage and snacks or you can buy them at the range.



Oklahoma Self Defense Act (this is the OK law you will learn)

SDA application (this will give you a hardcopy to fill out):


OR, you can fill out your application ONLINE.


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Should I fill out my application online vs. filling out a paper version?  – YES.

Starting November 1, 2014 the state has requested that you fill out your application online and transmit this document to the state.

Go to”.   You will still have to go to the county sheriff to complete the process.

How accurate to I have to be for the shooting portion?

We shoot at 9 to 15 feet.  You are judged on your ability to safely handle a handgun and follow the instructor’s commands.

How physical is the class?

We are in a classroom setting for the majority of the class.  For the shooting portion, you will need to be able to shoot 50 rounds either standing or sitting.

What is the class like?

I teach you the most applicable statutes of the OK Self Defense Act and most importantly the conditions that have to be present before you can legally pull or use a handgun for self defense.  I try to keep the class moving and we take frequent short breaks.


Do I need eye and ear protection?


Yes, either bring your own or I will furnish them for you.  You are required to bring a BASEBALL hat or visor for each individual.


What type of handgun to you provide.

S&W Model 22A, Beretta Neos, Browning Buckmark .22 caliber semi-automatic handguns.  They are light with low recoil and fun to shoot.

OR you can rent a variety of .380, 9mm, 40 S&W guns.  Just let me know at registration if you want to rent a gun.  Shooting different guns always adds to your overall understanding and ability with handguns.  Cost is $10 plus ammo.

How much does a license cost?

My class – $55 for Saturday or Sunday classes or $59.95 for weekday classes.  Sheriff’s office, either $100 for a 5 yr license or $200 for a 10 yr license + $25 for finger prints + $10 for your picture at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office.  If outside of Tulsa County, check with your county sheriff.  Current or discharged military (within the last 20 years) my class is  – $40.

How do I register.

Call me at 918-627-2006 or Email and tell me the class date you want to attend.  I can take you payment/registration over the phone or email you an invoice.  If I email you an invoice, once it is paid by credit card or PayPal, you will be registered for the class and your spot reserved.   The emailed invoice will be from PayPal / Firearms On Target so look for this title in your email.

How long does it take to receive my license from the state.

At this time, June 2015, licenses are being mailed to the address on your application withing 30-40 days or less of you turning in your information at the county sheriff’s office.    A student informed me that it took 17 days to get her license.  Now is a great time to take the class and get your license.

What if I have a ‘Permanent Victim’s Protective Order’?

As of November 1, 2013, after you take my OK Handgun License class, if you have a Permanent Victim’s Protective Order, the sheriff can issue you a six month temporary license, at no cost to you, while your permanent license paperwork is being processed by the state.

How can I transport my gun to your class?

Place your gun in a ‘gun case’ and the case must be completely or partially visible in your passenger compartment.  OR place the gun in your trunk or locked external compartment.  Gun must be unloaded. Do not place your gun in your glove compartment.


Must I fill any forms prior to class?

  1. You are not required to fill out the OK Handgun License application prior to class BUT you can if you want to.


Where are you located?

See the ‘Directions’ tab on this site.  DO NOT use your GPS to find this location.  It WILL take you to the wrong location by several miles.  One mile north of the Tulsa International Airport.  Mingo and 56th St. North.


What if my schedule changes and I cannot make the class?

You can reschedule for up to six (6) months from your original class date  if you contact me by at least  noon the day prior to the class and tell my you cannot make the class and will reschedule.

If you bring your gun and ammo, more than one person IN YOUR PARTY can shoot this gun.  Some people who come together share a gun, this is OK.  No third party will shoot your gun.


What if I need to leave early?

Contact me and I will work to see you shoot first at the range and get out asap.  To obtain your Certificate, you will need to complete the following modules: class, safety, test, and range qualification but I can lessen the time you spend on the range.


What if I have a large party, do you do discount?

Discounts for a large party will be considered.  Let me know.


Do you conduct your classes other than Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday?

Yes, let me know which day would work for your group and I can schedule a class.  A minimum of 6 people is needed for a class.  Extra charges may apply.


Class Size is Limited.

Pre-Registration is required.  Please call me at 918-627-2006 or Email at to start the registration process.


See the ‘Directions Tab’ for directions to the Tulsa Gun Club: