Courses offered by Firearms On Target.

  1. Oklahoma Handgun License Class –  (Concealed Carry Class). Classes usually given on Saturdays and one Sunday per month and occasionally one week day per month.  You will receive a license to carry a loaded handgun outside of your home.  See the Concealed Carry -Tulsa page for more information and to register.

  2. Firearms For Women Clinic – This clinic is given once each month on a Saturday or Sunday.  The purpose of this clinic is for women who have not shot a handgun or had a little experience with a handgun, can attend and learn which handgun to buy for their needs.  Handling a handgun in the store is one thing but actually spending time shooting a gun and feeling the recoil is what you need to do.  Also, I feel strongly that a woman should pick their own handgun.  A salesperson or a man in your life may mean well but may not have the tools or experience needed to help you choose the correct gun for you.  See the Firearms For Women page to register.

  3. Personal Lessons – Skill Level 1.  If you are new to handguns, I recommend a personal lesson.  Call, text, or email me for information.  We will schedule a two hour or longer lesson for you to learn the fundamentals of handgun safety and how to shoot and operate a handgun.

  4.  Beginning Handgun – In this clinic you will shoot around 200-300 rounds.  It is best if you have already purchased your self defense handgun but you are welcome to rent ($10) one of mine if you are still deciding which handgun to buy.   You should be familiar with the operation of your handgun.   This class is for intermediate shooters and is not for people who have never shot a handgun (I would recommend personal lessons).   

  5. Defensive Pistol – This is a practical shoot more than a lesson.  This shoot is held once per month.  See the Defensive Pistol page for the schedule and to register. This two hour shoot is very economical at $25/person and covers range fee (which is regularry $20/person).  We shoot around 50-75 rounds.  We include stages for your self defense handgun, B.U.G. gun, AR rifle, and home defense shotgun.  This is not a training class but a shoot where you can practice your skill set and learn new self defense techniques.  Your shooting time and accuracy will be recorded so you can see how you are doing in these areas.  It is best if you first take the Beginning Handgun clinic before participating in this shoot.

  6. Shotgun Training – Firearms On Target can teach you how to shoot skeet, trap,  5-stand, or Sporting Clays on a beginning level.  These games are both fun and can improve your hunting skills and enjoyment.   Call, text, or email to learn more or set up a lesson.  Lessons can be given any dayof the week.  Lessons are given for a min of two hours between 9 am and dark.  Come and learn the basics and fundamentals of shotgun shooting for years of enjoyment.  The Tulsa Gun Club and other clubs around the area have skeet and trap leagues and registered shoots that you can participate in.

  7. NRA – Refuse To Be A Victim –  In this three hour clinic you will learn how to be less of a potential victim for the bad guy.  The NRA has spend considerable resources to bring you ideas and procedures to make you safer in this society.  Come and learn how to be safe regarding your home, internet, shopping, travel, etc.  Learn the techniques used by bad guys and how to avoid them.  The class is $75/person.  See the segment about this class on the Welcome page.

Firearms On Target’s goal is to instruct you in the fundamentals of shooting handguns and shotguns both for your enjoyment and self protection.  We do not sell guns.  We believe in treating you with respect, allowing you to enjoy the time on the range, and teach you how to come out to the range and practice on your own.  Learning how to accurately shoot a handgun is not easy.  TV and the movies have painted an untrue picture of shooting handguns, but the truth is that you will need to learn the fundamentals and then practice them in order to use a handgun or shotgun effectively for your self defense.  If you are serious about protecting yourself and your loved ones, then I would encourage you to spend the time and money to learn the correct techniques.  Develop a skill set and know your capabilities and limitations when shooting a handgun.  The statistics tell us that if we ever need to shoot in self defense, the odds are it will be inside our homes, at night, be over in 3-5 seconds, and at a distance of 10-15 feet.  TIME is always a factor in self defense, in other words, when a bad guy is trying to hurt you, you have very little time to react.  So come and train with Firearms On Target and learn the correct fundamentals.  Please call, text, email if you have any questions or if Firearms On Target can help in any way.

Thank you.   .