Dustin and Rob

Where: United States Shooting Academy (see “Directions page” on this web site).

When: See the calendar below or give me a call.

Cost: $25

Registration is required.

Range:  360 range.  If you are not familiar where this range is, go to the club house and tell them your are shooting with Firearms On Target and ask where the 360 range is located.

See the video below to get an idea of the stages you will be shooting.



  1. Your self defense handgun. (this can be a Service size handgun (approximately 4” – 4.5” barrel or a smaller Concealed Carry weapon.)
  2. Three magazines.
  3. One Hundred bullets.
  4. Safety equipment including ear and eye protection and you must shoot with a baseball type hat with a bill or visor with a bill.
  5. A magazine carrier capable of carrying two magazines.
  6. Holster. No small of the back, or cross draw, or SERPA holsters (the SERPA holster require a button to be pushed with usually your trigger finger to release the handgun from the holster.),   or shoulder holsters. The holster must be on you hip either secured with a belt or pancake holster. The Fobus holster brand can be acquired locally and is very affordable.  The Exception: If you are a Police Officer or Military trained and your current duty rig is a chest holster.    
  7. Comfortable clothes and flat soled shoes, no cowboy boots.
  8. A magazine loader is very much recommended like a Maglula UpLULA  which can be purchases at Sportsword and other local retailers or online.
  9. A ‘Cover garment’ like a light weight vest or shirt.
    EQUIPMENT – From time to time we shoot an AR or Home Defense Shotgun as well as our standard self defense pistol.  I will post a note if we are planning stages for these weapon platform on the upcoming Defense Pistol Shoot.     PURPOSE  Learn the mindset and skill set to use your handgun in a self defense situation.         TECHNIQUES LEARNED Close quarters Engaging multiple targets per stage A stage will have targets at different distances which require different skills How to move and shoot How to shoot from COVER Head shots Center mass shots Hostages – miss the good guy and shoot the bad guy The trade off between time to shoot and accuracy Shooting under pressure Shooting from the Low Ready Position Shooting from the High Ready Position Correct delivery of the handgun to the shooting position POINT shooting SIGHT shooting         OPEN TO Public.  You do not have to be a member of the Gun Club to participate in this clinic.  You must be able to show basic handgun operation skills and understanding of range safety rules.  You must be able to: lock your slide back with or without the magazine in the gun,  and explain the purpose of the slide lock.   This Clinic is not for first time shooters.         DOUBLE CLICK ON THE CLASS DATE BELOW TO REGISTER.    
    REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT. Pre-payment and registration are required. Your can pay by Credit or Debit card or PayPal.  
No refund but you can reschedule if you contact me one week in advance  OR have someone take your place.