Directions to Tulsa Gun Club.

Firearms On Target conducts training clinics at two gun clubs. You will be informed which gun club in your registration information.

 1. Tulsa Gun Club.

8888 E. Mohawk Blvd North (The road is called 56th St. North on the East side of Mingo and Mohawk Blvd on the West side of Mingo.  The club is 1/2 mile west of Mingo on Mohawk Blvd.) Do not use GPS for this address.  It will take you to the wrong location. From  Owasso:  Exit at 56th St. North. Take 56th St. N. west for about a mile until it comes to a ‘T’.  Turn to your left or south onto Mingo and then immediately take the curve to your right or west back onto Mohawk Blvd North.   Go about one half mile to the entrance of Tulsa Gun Club on the south.  You will see our blue sign and blue gate.  Take the drive onto the property until you reach the club house.  Classes will be in the club house. Portions of Hwy 169 will be closed intermittently for construction during the fall of 2015 through 2016.  Expect some delays especially on weekends. If you are coming from the North, example the Owasso area, you can access the Tulsa Gun Club by exiting 76th St. North onto Mingo going South.   Proceed about 2 miles to the south until you come to Mohawk Blvd, turn west and go 1/2 miles to entrance to club. From Tulsa area –  Exit Hwy 169 on 46th St. North.  Go west/left to Mingo (about 1 mile).  Turn north on Mingo and go one mile until you cross over railroad tracks and come to a curve to the left or west onto Mohawk Blvd.  Take Mohawk Blvd .5 mile to Tulsa Gun Club.  Blue gate and sign. From Oklahoma City: Exit the Turner Turnpike at: (see below)  Take exit onto the Creek Turnpike/Pearl Harbor Memorial Expressway U.S. 169 and head east. You can then either exit at: 1) Hwy 75 north to Tulsa  and Bartlesville. Then exit on 56th Street North. See above on ‘From Hwy 75’. 2) Continue east and take “169 North / Tulsa” Hwy 169 North toward Owasso. (see below).  This is not really an exit but staying on Hwy 169 as the road curves North toward Owasso. Stay on Hwy 169 and head north until you exit on 56th Street North  (see below). Hwy 169 North to Owasso and exit at 56th Street North.  

2. United Stated Shooting Academy.

6500 E. 66th St. North Tulsa OK, 74117. Exict highway 75 on 66 Street North and go approximately 1 mile east to the Tulsa Police Academy and United States Shooting Academy.  They share the same concrete driveway but jog to your left for the entrance to the United States Shooting Academy. The club house where the classes are held is the tan stucco and rock building. If you have trouble call 918-627-2006.