If you would like to improve you shotgun skills then we have the program.  Learn the fundamentals of Skeet, Trap, or 5-Stand.  Learning the fundamentals of these shotgun sports will improve how many birds you hit and also increase your enjoyment of the game.  Shooters do not have much fun when they come out to shoot with their buddies and their score is always the lowest.  Instinct or athletic ability is a plus but learning the correct fundamentals of shotgun shooting is more important.  For every target you shoot there is a start place for your feet, body, gun, and eyes.  There is also an optimum break point for the bird.  Having this knowledge and practicing it over and over will help you break more birds.  But practicing the incorrect fundamentals just means you are practicing how to miss over and over.

Lessons are given almost every day of the week with Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday being a priority from 9am (or earlier) to dark.  Call for current cost but lessons are very affordable.  Lessons are a minimum of two hours.

In the fall of the year, many shooters come out for first time lessons or to brush up their shotgun skills to prepare for hunting season.  The 5-Stand is good for practicing the shots you will be looking at when shooting ducks or dove.  Trap is very good at teaching you the skills you will need for hunting upland birds.  We can simulate what you need to do when standing over a dog and give you some tips that will make your hunt more successful.  Skeet is good for learning multiple angles and this knowledge can be transferred to the field.

We teach youth, around 10, 11 year old up to students in their eighties.  Always time to learn.

With lessons you should be breaking about 19-23 when shooting skeet.   If your score is below this, book a lesson and learn the fundamentals of breaking those little orange birds.