Beginning Handgun - Skill Level I.

Time:  2 - 5 pm

Location: United States Shooting Academy or the Tulsa Gun Club.

Learning the fundamentals of shooting a handgun will make you more comfortable and confident. You will learn safe gun handling procedures. This is a low key class for beginning shooters.   The instructors are down to earth, honest, polite, and will work with you on all your questions and concerns. This class is required before a student can register in the Defensive Pistol Shoots      ( $25/monthly shoots/2 hours duration).


  1. 200-300 rounds of ammo. 
  2. A holster and magazine carrier if you have one, if not, don't worry.
  3. Eye and ear protection.
  4. Comfortable clothing.
  5. A magazine loader is very much recommended like the Maglula Uplula which can be purchased at Sports World, Sooner Gun, Bass Pro, Academy.
  6. Baseball type hat or visor with a 'bill'.
  7. Your self defense handgun.


  • Learn how to grip your pistol
  • Learn how to shoot your handgun
  • Learn the correct stance
  • How to use your handgun sights
  • Learn how to clean your handgun
  • Correct presentation of the gun
  • Nomenclature of gun parts
  • Which types of pistols will work best for you
  • Operation of the handgun: loading, unloading, slide lock, safety, magazine release. etc.
  • How to practice for accuracy and how to practice for speed
  • Increase you accuracy
  • Fundamentals of self-defense shooting
  • Sight shooting
  • Index shooting
  • Follow through
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Correct draw
  • Target acquisition
  • etc.


Public.  You do not have to be a member.  Twenty-one years old unless accompanied by a parent that is shooting (then the age cutoff is eighteen years old.)


$75 + $10 range fee to the club (Reduced rates for more than one family member or couples.  Call for rates.)


Two to three hours depending on class size.


See the Beginning Handgun Calendar on this page.  Double click on the class date you want to attend and then follow the input fields.  Or call or email me -   918.857.5106, Please call if you have any questions or concerns.


9 MM or .40 caliber handguns are available for rent for $10.   You must use Firearms On Target's ammo. Contact me at email or call me to reserve a handgun.  

The class for Dec 10, 2017 will be at United States Shooting Academy on the 360 range , 2-4 pm.  Please meet in the clubhouse at 1:45.  Thanks.

Classes are indicated by green in the calendar below.

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