Clinic Name: Firearms For Women

    FFW1   This clinic is for women that are beginner shooters where students can shoot several different types of handguns and get an idea of which handgun to buy for their specific needs and also receive training with a home defense shotgun (You are not required to shoot a Home Defense Shotgun, it is up to you whether or not you shoot it.) This clinic is great preperation for the Concealed Carry Class if you’ve never shot a gun. Or, if you have your own handgun, bring it and learn the correct way to shoot your gun and be safe with it.  We cover the basics of stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, breathing, trigger squeeze,  follow through, and more. Use the Reservation Calendar below to secure your seat in this class. Classes are booking fast! Available dates are in Green. If you’re looking for the Concealed Carry Calendar – Click Here To Continue booking your spot in the Firearms For Women Clinic –
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You will be directed to a secure payment portal which sends you a confirmation email and receipt. SPECIFICS: TIME:   Saturday 8:00 – 2:00 Or a Sunday class, the time is: 1:00 – 6:00 WHERE:   Tulsa Gun Club OR United States Shooting Academy.  See the directions tab on this site. Pre Registration Required – Class cost is $145.00/person.   $90/person to register,  $55/person due at class time.  –  1) Use the Calender registration and secure payment portal below,  OR, 2) Contact me and I will email you an invoice, OR, 3) You can register and pay over the phone.    Please include your name, cell phone number,  and E-mail.  For details or questions feel free to call me at 918-857-5106 or E-mail Value: Personal handgun classes are $65/hour.   So this 6 hour class would cost 6 x $65 plus rental for handguns and ammunition if you purchased it seperately.  That is over a $400 value for the very low cost of $145. Payment:  NO REFUNDS.  You can reschedule if you contact me a week in advance of class OR someone can take your place.  Please notify me if someone is going to take your place.


The class on June 25th,  2017 will be at the TULSA GUN CLUB,   Time: 1-6 pm.

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Instructors: Dan Detmer                                                        This class has been a big success.  Learn in the company of other women. Setting:  Both classroom and range time. This course will prepare you to take your concealed carry class. Teaching safe gun handling is always the main priority.  This six hour class is for women only.   We have a covered shooting range.
  • We will help you learn how to choose a handgun that is right for you.
  • Students will shoot about fourteen different firearms.
  • Students will  shoot revolvers and semi-automatics handguns.
  • Students will  learn how to shoot a home defense shotgun.
  • All guns and ammunition will be provided (over a $100 value)
  • Learn in the company of women.
  • Learn in a safe and friendly environment.
  • I do not sell handguns.  My goal is to help you find the correct handgun for your needs.
Handguns are pretty hard to shoot accurately unless you have the correct fundamentals.  First,  understand the decision factors that are needed to purchase the correct handgun for you.  Purchasing the correct handgun will give you comfort and confidence.   There a lot of choices when it comes to purchasing a handgun, learn why one gun of a particular caliber, weight, and size is right for you and another handgun might not work very good for you. I would also encourage you to make your own decision as to what handgun to buy for yourself,  although the man in your life has good intentions, sometimes he is concerned about what he likes or would shoot other than your needs.  I have heard husbands say, ‘Well if my wife does not like the gun, I like it, and will add it to my collection.”   Also a man may not know why a gun does not work for you, after all it works for him.  I can help in this area.  I have been helping women select a personal handgun for over eight years.  I have learned a thing or two. Shooting a gun and being accurate is much harder than it appears on TV or the Movies.   Also, a woman may have  smaller hands or trouble operating certain guns which makes buying the correct gun all the more critical. Buying a handgun without first shooting it is like buying a new house and never seeing the inside. NOTE:  This clinic can be customized to fit your needs.  For example, if you already know the basics but would like to shoot a variety of handguns to get a better idea of which gun you would like to own, we can work with you. Must be 18 years old (exception for parent and child). Bring a baseball style hat. Registration deadline – Five days prior to class date.  (But even if it is after the deadline, give me a call or email, I sometimes have open spots). This is a small class with a maximum of around ten to twelve students.

NOTE: This is not an NRA class.